iClique USB 3.0 Flash Drive for iPhone, iPad, iOS PC, Lightning Connector + SD Card Included 16GB

iClique USB 3.0 Flash Drive for iPhone, iPad, iOS PC, Lightning Connector + SD Card Included 16GB

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iClique allows you to avoid carrying a lot of adapters and files which you’d like to save or open on your iPhone, iPad, or iOS PC; or send to iCloud or iTunes first.

How does it work?

This small gadget from the iClique company has a Lightning slot for iPhone and iPad, and there’s a DWI-07 Card Reader for SD and TF memory cards on the side. You just insert the memory card in the сard reader, plug the device into your phone or handheld and get access to your files on the SD card right away.

The kit includes a Lightning to SD card camera reader and an SD card of 16GB, 32GB or 64 GB – depending on the kit you choose. When ordering, just mention which kind of SD card you want?

Take photos or videos on your camera or GoPro, or download music and films on the memory card with the help of our iClique flash drive. Save and open them on your mobile device.

Use iClique iphone SDcard reader to watch movies or other content on your smartphone or handheld on a plane or in situations where there’s no internet access.

The USB SD card reader is made for Apple devices, but it works with Android as well. USB 3.0 provides high speed data transmission.

For safety, the Lightning slot and USB 3.0 are closed snugly with lids. The compact size of the SD card viewer lets you take it anywhere: to work, on a trip, or to the beach.

A durable, stylish design, and great functionality make the iClique ISO to USB drive a cool gift for all users and lovers of Apple devices. A great gift idea for any holiday.

Product Dimensions

4.9 x 3.1 x 1 inches

Item Weight

0.6 ounces

Shipping Weight

0.6 ounces


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Flash drive for iPhone, iPad, and ios PC with Lightning adapter and USB 3.0 for high speed transmission of data using any slot. Made for Apple devices, but can be used for Android also. The slots are on the opposite ends of the device and are closed snugly with caps.

The built-in SDcard reader for iPhone and the card reader, which are placed at the sides of the iPhone USB drive, let you look through files or quickly save them on your Apple device from any gadget.

Don’t waste your time transferring photos and videos from your camera or GoPro on your PC or iCloud first. You can insert the flash drive in our memory card reader, plug it into an iPhone or iPad and look through files or save them. Take the iPhone flash drive with you on the road and enjoy films and music on the plane, train, or anywhere without an internet connection.

iClique offers iPhone external storage with a memory card included in the kit. 3 SD card capacity sizes available: 16GB, 32GB or 64 GB.

Do your friends and relatives love gadgets? Give them a USB for their iPhone – it’s a functional device which is necessary for every mobile device user. The quality of the product is guaranteed with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.