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Running out of battery is not a destiny but a choice, which you make. Get Villain® 20000 mAh dual USB charger and make sure that your phone’s battery never drains again. Our external battery charger has a huge capacity that helps you charge an iPhone, Samsung or any other brand phones, tablets, cameras and mp4 players also easily up to 7-10 times.

The power bank has 2 in-built flash LED lights which are bright enough to be of good help in emergency situations – making it a true emergency companion, be it battery charging or the need for light in the dark. The power bank also has an LED display which shows you the available capacity of the power bank – thus warning you when it needs to be charged.

The power bank has both android and iOS ports to let you charge the power bank using either of these ports. With the two 2.1 A output USB ports you can charge two of your gadgets simultaneously and at quite a faster charging rate. This portable iPhone charger or power bank can be fully charged in 10 hours and is sure to give you incredible performance for up to 500

The power bank is designed to give top priority to your and your phone’s safety. The smart circuitry ensures protection against overcharging, short-circuiting, voltage instabilities, and even over discharging. Moreover, the power button provided on the power bank helps you control when you actually want to start using the power bank for charging your devices.

The power bank comes with a charging cable to let you start using it from the instant it arrives. Moreover, we also offer you 100% Risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. However, we are quite sure that you will love yourselves for the decision of buying it and for its incredible support while traveling, hiking, on any adventure or camping.

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